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Specialist on Medical Tourism

Ericka García

Mother of two children, entrepreneur and lives in San Jose, Costa Rica, with more than 7 years of experience managing health services for local and international patients.

I will try to make your trip a pleasant moment, facilitating everything you need. I will attend you personally to help you with your visit planning and find the best prices for your treatment and travel needs. I know everything about your needs, I will be with you to your first appointment and introduce you to the doctor. I will make your stay in CR as if you were in your country. You will have access to me 24/7.


Our team that is based in Costa Rica will assist you to find the best Costa Rica dentists and doctors for you.

We believe that everyone deserves quality medical attention and we’re here to make it easy for you. We will assist with all your travel logistics, including getting the best deals on flights, accommodations, transportation, tours, activities. We also ensure clear communication between you and your doctor.
Every step of the way, we are here to support you. Here to answer your questions, here to provide you with everything you need to feel safe and confident travelling out of country for your medical or dental needs. We will only recommend facilities and doctors we would send our family members to. You are in good hands, you are not alone.


Costa Rica Best Doctors
  • Establishes a relationship with patient
  • Provides information but does not make medical decisions or engage in the practice of medicine
  • Arranges for medical and travel-related services
  • Arranges other destination services, including in-country travel, upon request
  • Clearly defines services being provided, both medical and non-medical
  • Provides information submitted by the provider as to licensing, education, affiliations and experience.
  • May have a relationship with self-insured employer or benefit consultant
  • May have a relationship with hospitals, physicians, dentists and other providers

Payment for medical and dental procedures is directly with that provider.  To protect the privacy of the patient, any requested diagnostic materials, records, photos or questionnaires are forwarded directly to the provider without opening or review.

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