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" Just wanted to share that I went to Costa Rica a month ago to combine dental work with some beach time and it was a great experience. I contacted several dentists via email before hand to get prices for a crown replacement and ended up choosing Dr. Alberto Tabash for a very reasonable price for high-end porcelain crowns as well as seeming very friendly and easy going. Upon getting to San Jose and arriving at the office for my appointment, Dr. Tabash and the very friendly female doctor, Dr. Huli , we're both extremely pleasant, friendly, professional, and skilled in their craft. After the first short appointment, I went and enjoyed 5 days on the Caribbean coast in Puerto Viejo. When I returned to the city, it was another short, pleasant appointment for Dr. Huli to put the new crown on and that was it. I was good to go. A month later, I am extremely pleased with the work they did and would recommend Dr. Tabash and his team to anyone and everyone. For the cost of what my dentist in the U.S. quoted me, I got the same or higher quality work done and a free vacation"
- Elijah

Highly recommend the best dentist in costa rica

I recently completed my implant treatment with Tabash Dentistry and cannot say enough good things about Dr. Tabash and his staff. I was somewhat apprehensive seeking medical treatment outside the USA, but my first trip to the clinic filled me with confidence that I had done the right thing coming to Costa Rica. The clinic was spotlessly clean, filled with up-to-date equipment, and the staff was friendly and attentive. My first appointment gave me a chance to discuss my treatment with my new dentist. During my initial visit (which required a week-long stay), Dr Tabash and his staff were very professional and the service they provided exceeded my expectations. Six months later, the follow-up visit to complete my treatment went even better. I met additional members of his staff, including Dr Maria Rojas, and received the same high level of service. Members of the Tabash Dentistry staff even assisted with my transportation, hotel and entertainment needs. The services at Tabash Dentistry were reasonably priced, and even when considering airfare and hotel accommodations I was able to save money (when compared to US prices for the same treatment) for excellent quality, dental services. I highly recommend Tabash Dentistry for all your dental needs.
- Steven


Dr. Tabash and his staff were very helpful with explaining the process from start to finish. He made sure I was comfortable and that I understood the medication and the healing process. Erica also made sure I understood the process. Dr. Tabash was very professional and made me so happy that he will give me back a natural looking smile when I return for the final step.
- Aymie